Tips to make your SUP always looking new


Spending for a sup board is a huge investment. It’s the reality. Thus, you should take care of your board really well. One of the most noticeable damage that can be seen after a few paddling occasions is the wear of protective finish on the board.

In this article, we provide three strategies to take care of your board and make sure it always looks like new for many years.

Avoid dirt and clean your SUP

When you are paddling on calm water, bear in mind that they contain salt and are briny. Meanwhile, salt water in the ocean can be quite corrosive. So, here’s the tip: Whether you are paddling either on flat water or salt water, always clean up your board with clean, treated water after you get out of your paddling zone.

Take a look at some anglers. Almost all experienced anglers will rinse their reel & rod after fishing. This is what makes the gears look new and keep functioning well for long.

Like every month or two, try to clean of your pad and paddleboard using a cleaner that is specifically made for your boards. Wrong cleaner might damage the skin materials. Use sponge or non-abrasive cloth plus mild cleaner to remove any oil that sticks to the boards.

Sun Bathing? Not for paddle boards

When on the water, your board will maintain its coolness although the sun is at its peak due to the natural radiator properties of the water. However, when you took your board out of the water during extremely hot and sunny days, it can cause sudden expansion to the materials (heat cause material to expand – scientific fact!). The repetitive expansion and contraction of composite materials of the paddle board will cause delamination.

Precaution tips:

In order to prevent delamination, one should avoid storing the board in the sun. Ensure that the board is out of direct exposure from sunlight for a long time.

If you find it a burden, go and buy a bag or sock for your sup. This accessory usually has reflective properties, which can minimize the negative effect of the sunlight.

However, don’t store your board in the bag when it is still wet. The water droplet can turn into mini sauna, causing more pores to open in the epoxy layer, which is then forming a mini bubbles slightly under the surface. This damage can be repaired but it’s not worth to pay for that.

“X-Spot” of paddle boards

Don’t be surprised. Your sup boards can be a little bit sensitive around the area where the resin and glass layer is the thinnest, which can be found typically on the pointed, curved surfaces such as rails, nose and tail. These spots make them prone to destruction.

Care tips:

Tape these weakest spots. However, this is not the best solution as it makes your board doesn’t look good. But, it can prevent damages to your board.

Another care tips is to use padding to shelter the rails. This is important since it is somewhat problematic during storage, where your board might hit the floors, walls or shelves when you are trying to store them.


These are some free/least expensive solutions that can be practised in order to prevent damages to your SUPs and maintain its new look. It is really worth to really take a good care of your board. Well-cared sup will last much longer and maintain its value.

Following these relatively inexpensive solutions can go a long way to minimize future repair costs. A well-cared for paddle board holds its value and should last you for many years.



Racing SUPs is coming

Fishing? Ignore that for awhile. Let’s race!

As the popularity of paddle boarding increase, we can see a significant increase in sporting events involving SUP such as racing SUPs. For example, the Waterman’s Paddle for Humanity is held every year to welcome all paddler from Florida to participate and raise fund for humanity services.

Criteria for the best SUPs

One of the most typical questions asked by paddle boarder – “What is the ideal SUP for racing as well as for other purpose?” To answer this question, we have to look into several factors below.

  1. Length

Okay. When you need to decide what length of paddle board you should be getting, you have to understand its function. Generally, increasing board length gives much faster cruising speed and improves tracking. Therefore, board with 14 ft long gives better speed, gliding (moves farther with each stroke) and straighter compared to 12 ft board. However, other factors need to be considered as well.

The truth is that it is not always about speed. It’s about how well you can optimize your speed. Sometimes 14 ft board might be too big for you and difficult to manoeuvre. Thus, you should stick to the smaller board. It’s no use to gain more speed if you feels uncomfortable and unable to control the direction of your paddle board.

Nowadays, paddleboards are made of high quality and lightweight materials such as carbon fibre and other advanced composite materials. Thus, weight is no longer a big issue since now you can find 14’ board with the same weight as traditional 11’ board.

  1. Sizes

When you are looking for paddleboards that are for sale, it is a wise decision to match your body size with the volume of the board in the market. If you get too big volume, it’ll totally floating on the water, making your board easily influenced by water current, waves or wind. Lower volume will make you sink into the water. Ideal board will sit in between the surface of the water (half of its lower body sink in the water).

  1. Who you are competing with?

If you want to race, you should be getting a board that has same specs as your competitors. Typical race competition has two categories: 12’6” and 14’. The smaller paddler will play in 12’6 category whereas bigger paddler will take part in 14’ race. Recently, we’ve noticed that many females are participating in 14’ race category with low volume long board. Who doesn’t love to moves faster aye?

The best thing is, once you’ve started to use displacement-hull board, you’ll definitely love it more than your previous planning hull board. Displacement-hull gives excellent glide over the water. Now what? It’s time to get your top notch sup and race!

Traditional sports with innovative gears – Fishing on paddle board

Nowadays, stand up paddling or SUP is getting much attention amongst people who are active in outdoor sports, and love to get on the water. Stand up paddle boarding usually be done on rivers, lakes, surf and the oceans. Paddle boarding can be played in many occasions such as yoga, racing, surfing and kayaking. Another great sport which can utilise with paddle board is fishing. There are three fundamental aspects that need to be prepared before fishing with paddle board: firstly, fishing only on relatively flat water, secondly, get a good paddle board (like the Pelican Flow 106), and lastly you need to look for a good or rare/secluded spot (use fish finder to locate good location).

Paddle board fishing

What are the benefits of fishing with a paddle board?

We’ve heard some angler shares about their experience fishing from a paddle board. They said that it is an innovative and unique ways to enjoy the sport. Before that, they would go fishing with small boats or fishing kayaks. They wondered if angling with sup board could be any better and the result was really exciting.

The benefits of angling with sup boards are many. Unlike landbased fishing, you can get access to fishing spot which no other angler can reach by paddling your board to them. Other than that, you have a better vision and able to reach the fish more quietly from a standing position. “You’re more likely to spot a redfish before you scare it away from an SUP board than from a kayak or canoe” said Willie Howard from Willie’s Wild World.

Any specific equipment required?

According to Chris Naschin (Wild Side Fishing Guide), no specific gears are required. You’ll only need a good paddle board like Pelican Flow 106. This hybrid board offers good balance and stability for angler on the water. Stability on the water is definitely number one factor that you must consider when choosing a paddle board for fishing. It is because you’ll need excellent balance when fighting with big fish. Low stability will make you fall into the water and lose the fish.

Can I use this board for other occasions?

Absolutely! The Pelican Flow 106 is classified as hybrid SUP. It means that it can be used in multiple activities. You can use it for touring, surfing, yoga but limited to racing. For racing purpose, you’ll need a different type of board.


When you first try fishing with paddle board, we can guarantee that it won’t be your last one. You’ll definitely try it again and maybe you won’t be fishing with boats or kayaks anymore. For people who have sea sickness like me, fishing from a paddle board is a good alternative to enjoy the sports and get access to rare spots. This sport is not about knowing what type of fish you are looking for. It is all about chasing the fish, seeking their hiding spot which is often in secluded and remote areas. Stand up above them with your paddle board and catch’em all.